Prayer and Action Campaigns

Fairtrade: Nestlé, have decided to stop using Fairtrade chocolate in their KitKat chocolate bars. This has come as a great disappointment to up to 27,000 farmers in Côte d'Ivoire, Fiji and Malawi. There is a petition asking Nestlé to reverse this decision: 

(Otherwise, perhaps have a break from KitKat.)

Pastoral Support Outreach There are now a number of ways to support and bring relief to people affected by the global pandemic, often in remote and poor countries. As detailed last week, one way is through CAFOD, do visit: The Holy Father has also established a COVID-19 Emergency Fund, to come to the aid of those people and communities who are being tragically impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. He has asked each one of us to contribute what we can to help the Church overseas. You can donate here at  Thank you!

Abortion Vote - ACT today

Last year MPs voted to impose an extreme abortion regime on Northern Ireland. The Government then developed new regulations to introduce this abortion regime. The regulations came into effect on March 31st, but have not been approved by MPs or peers yet.
This Tuesday (12 May) MPs will vote on whether to approve them or not. If they are voted down, this will send a very strong signal to the Government that these extreme regulations should not be imposed on Northern Ireland. 

They will then be forced to redraft the regulations to be less extreme or bring forward legislation to allow the new Parliament to vote revoke these regulations, giving back control to the Northern Ireland Assembly.

SPUC, the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children is calling on Prime Minister, Boris Johnson to withdraw legislation which imposes abortion on demand on Northern Ireland ahead of the House of Commons debate next Tuesday. The regulations must be approved by Parliament before 17 May or they will cease to have effect.

SPUC says serious questions about the legality of the regulations need to be answered before MPs vote on them. SPUC is calling on the government to withdraw them and return authority for abortion law to the Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont.

The most extreme abortion regime in Europe

Liam Gibson, SPUC’s Northern Ireland political officer said:

“These regulations permit abortion on demand and even abortion up to birth in some cases. They create the most extreme abortion regime in Europe but there are very serious doubts over their validity and whether the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland has exceeded his authority. In the rush to introduce abortion on demand the government has also failed to give proper consideration to the human rights implications of these regulations.

“The government must answer these questions instead of continuing to push ahead with its plans.”

Mr Gibson continued: “Seventy-nine per cent of the people in Northern Ireland who responded to the public consultation rejected the government’s proposals. They lack all legitimacy and there serious doubts over their legality so Boris Johnson should stop trying to force them on the people of Northern Ireland.

“Parliament should respect the devolution settlement at the heart of the Belfast Agreement and if the Prime Minister doesn’t withdraw these extremist abortion regulations MPs should vote them down.”

Please click the link below to email your MP asking them to vote against these regulations on Tuesday. Once you have emailed your MP, please do let friends and family know to email their MP too.

Thank you for your help on this.

"Speaking Truth to Power"

We are sure many people are involved in different prayer campaigns during this time of worldwide trial.  "Voice for Justice" -  - consistently links people to pray against those things that are taking society away from God and backs their calls with reliable facts.

Please do visit their website as they have many ongoing campaigns!

Changes to the 1967 Abortion Act

Monday 27th April, was the 52nd anniversary of the Abortion Act coming in to effect. Since then, over 9 million babies have been aborted in the United Kingdom. Please pray for the end of abortion in this Country. 

There are a number of pro-Life organisations which you may wish to link with: the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, SPUC, and the Good Counsel Network, and of Right To Life UK, a charitable organisation focused on life issues: to protect and defend the right to life of every human being from conception to natural death through their work across education, politics, the media and through a large network of people in constituencies across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. On Monday 30th March, the Government officially announced a significant change to the 1967 Abortion Act with no parliamentary debate or public consultation.

Women will now be allowed to abort human life in their own homes, without professional care or supervision. Before this proposal, abortions could only take place in hospitals or abortion clinics approved by the Secretary of State. A doctor will now be able to prescribe abortion pills over the phone or via video platforms and allow the abortion to take place at home.

Recently, the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, categorically denied having any plans to change the law on abortion. In the House of Lords, Health Minister Lord Bethell previously rejected these proposals stating that it would put many vulnerable women at risk.

Please contact your MP immediately, urging them to revoke this decision and asking them to resist any further attempts to exploit the coronavirus crisis to bring about extreme abortion laws.

For more information, please see where a letter template can be found.

Bishop Declan Lang has welcomed figures showing a continued decrease in executions around the world and repeated calls for the UK government to help continue momentum towards global abolition of the death penalty. 

Speaking following the release of figures which showed a further 5% drop in recorded executions last year, Bishop Declan who chairs the Catholic Bishops’ Conference Department of International Affairs said: “Catholic teaching is clear that the death penalty is inadmissible and the Church works with determination for its abolition. This applies whatever offence somebody has been convicted of and wherever they are in the world. 

“I am very encouraged that globally use of the death penalty has decreased for another year. However, hundreds of people are still being executed by their governments and in some countries, the number has increased dramatically.

“I urge our own government to put working towards global abolition of the death penalty at the forefront of its foreign policy. Through committed diplomatic and economic pressure, the UK can help maintain the momentum towards ending this gross violation of human dignity where it still exists.”

Perhaps you might be prompted to write to your MP, and express your support for Bishop Declan. To find who your MP is, click on to